Pre-sale inspections (for sellers)

An API Pre-Sale inspection can be an important selling tool and is recommended prior to listing your property. A Pre-Sale inspection gives you peace of mind, confidence in setting your selling price and removes the chance for surprises connected to the quality of your property.

A Pre-Sale inspection documents the condition of your property and identifies any issues that should be addressed prior to listing. In addition, a Pre-Sale inspection protects you, even after settlement, by clearly outlining the state of your property before sale and can be tendered if necessary during legal proceedings.

The approach you take if your API Pre-Sale inspection finds problems is entirely up to you. Having an awareness of issues that may affect the market value of your home allows you to choose the best approach before listing. From undertaking repairs or simply reflecting the properties challenges in the price, a Pre-Sale inspection leaves you fully informed and in control of your sale.

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